Nu is a contemporary circus perfor- mance which, with simplicity and transparency, talks about human rela- tionships and how they interact with objects. The interaction between these objects and bodies intended to create ludicrous spheres full of magic, poetry and tender full-fledged humor.

Nu is a contemporary circus performance with 5 artists on stage who share different scenic ap- proaches to discover themselves in a hybrid space. Nu is Quim Girón’s and his accompanying team proposal created to follow Ateneu Popular 9 Barris’ commission to make a performance that fits all au- diences for a new edition of the Winter Circus.

Nu is straight and without ornaments: the search of the absurd, the presence of the interpreter, and the relationship between artists and objects, are the main axes in which the spectacle is based on.

A sequence of scenes without a clear logic but able to create illusion atmospheres, unconnected mono- logues, characters that are constantly facing obsta- cles to being able to express themselves or to com- municate with each other. Helmets, toys, networks, suitcases... they appear on the scene without context, out of place, released from the uses that society taught us to give. Everything is presented in an empty yet imposing frame: a black box with a structure that moves from top to bottom.

Five interpreters playing within different circus disciplines without making the endeavour transcend the significant; acrobatics, verticals, hair hangers, and aerial poles, are developed to be used in different ways on the stage. Nu deeply explores the technique to discover new paths to perform, and to make the performance not only based on the method.

“It is necessary to go down from the sky or get out of the water to walk in undiscovered lands for the first time”
Andrea Köhler

Artistic direction Quim Girón
Playwriting and assistant director Carlota Grau
Artists Quim Girón, Xavi Sánchez, Anna Aro, Ingrid Esperanza i Wanja Kahlert(replacing Joan Català)
Music and sound engineer Joan Cot
Engineering light Joana Serra
Scenic space Mercè Lucchetti
Costumes Adriana Parra
Outsource gaze Jordi Fontdevila
Rigging technician Marco Ruggero
Touring production Ateneu 9 barris & Imaginart

format Medium scale circus show with 5 performers
Recommended ages All audiences, from 5 years old.
Running time 55 minutes
Touring and booking management

WHAT IS THE WINTER CIRCUS? The Winter Circus is the most essen- tial and established circus creation projects in Catalonia.

The Winter Circus was born in 1996 to promote the creation of estab- lished professional companies related to the circus and to offer an unprec- edented, qualified, medium-format theater proposals. Addressed to all kinds of audiences, for already 23 years, the Ateneu produces this project at the Ateneu theater in a 28-plays season during Christmas, when the performance takes place.

After this result, the Ateneu proposes the distribution of this performance.

Since two years ago, the Ateneu com- missions the Winter Circus direction for different interested creators. This initiative is a winning formula to the Ateneu, and it is focused on ex- panding the limits and standards of our expectation from what we know about the circus and for what we expect of a performance designed for all audiences.

WHAT IS THE ATENEU? The Ateneu Popular 9 Barris (Barcelona) is a public, sociocultural center that works according to the community management model; which was born in the year of 1977 after the setup of the community occupation.

In order to recover a culture perspective, the act of intervention and the linkage with the district, this project is committed to contributing to a social transformation actively.

In the first moments of occupation, the circus artists will settle their caravans in the neighborhood to awake the curiosity and interest of the local community, besides of establishing the first circus school in Catalonia, and the production and circus programming in Barcelona.

“If the circus is about, among many other things, keeping balance over a tottering, slipping ground... the latest Quim Girón’s proposal asks if we shouldn’t put into question the most clinging convictions of our culture and our civilization.”
Xavier Pijoan



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