Nests that envelop us, protect us, give us the freshness and warmth we need. They help us to sleep, to wait for a meal, to meet those who appreciate us. Nests that make us grow in the intimacy of the family... and then fly off to meet the world.

Nests is an invitation for the whole family to experience art with all five senses. The show is dedicated to the unique moment of the first 18 months of life. We celebrate, in a quiet and safe space, full of beauty, music, smells, colours and textures, the arrival of life in the form of a belly and a heartbeat. Through tenderness and play, we enjoy the discovery of the body, the sounds, and the awakening of our childhood memories. The creation has counted on the dedicated work of mothers and fathers who live in the Wad-Ras and Brians 2 Penitentiary Centres. These parents have been builders of the scenography and they’ve created familiar creative spaces empowering the linking with their sons and daughters.

Idea and direction Helena Cabo
Performers Helena Cabo and Pablo Arias
Musical creation Helena Cabo with instrumentation and arrangements from Pablo Arias, Guillem Aguilar and Xavier Lozano
Stage movement Helena Cabo, Pablo Arias and Anna Català
Artistic acompaniment Cristina Martí i Toni Viñals
Set design and props CreaMoviment, inspired on the work of Eva Vázquez
Adaptation and production of set design Eva Vázquez, Helena Cabo, Ángela Peinado and parents serving a prison sentence at the Brians 2 and Wad Ras penitentiary centres. of Wad Ras. With the support of the Parental Responsibility Group of the Brians 2 Penitentiary Centre and Bàrbara Viader & CEIB Sensory Integration.
Structures Josep Miquel, Guillermo Vázquez and Xavi Pérez
Customes Natalie Capell
Sound and lighting Dani Sánchez
Photography Bàrbara Viader, Helena Hosta and Elisenda Fontarnau
Video Anna Oset , Marc Pisa and Helena Hosta
Comunication Helena Cabo, Anna Vila and Laia Lorente
A production by CreaMoviment and LaSala / elPetit 2021
Distribution and tour production Imaginart

format Espectacle de sala
Recommended ages from 0 to 18 months old
audience disposal On stage
lenght 45 minutes
distribution and tours