NATANAM is playing with and in the environment, it is building and dismantling, it is exploration through movement, discovering the presence of others and laughing with them... how can we not laugh if we have everything to be happy. We have rain, we have sun, we have laughter, and we have love.

Two friends meet and sing, they know they are about to play, making traces on the ground that takes shape with the strokes of the salt they are holding in their hands.

Almost without realising it, the drawing and the game join the movement of their bodies, completing and blurring their recent work. It is part of the enjoyment of being united in the making and unmaking.

A sea of air appears in which they envelop themselves as they continue to dance and discover intentional and random shapes.

Direction and choreography Omar Meza
Advice on dramaturgy and staging Concha Villarrubia
Dramaturgy Lola Fernández de Sevilla
Performers Raúl Durán & Maria José Casado
Musical composition Jesús Fernández & David Campodarve
Lighting design Aitor Palomo Prieto
Scenic space advisor Victor Borrego
Production and props Manu Sinkeli
Customes Laura León
Executive production Jacinto Santiago
Production, administration and communication assistant Kike Fernández
oduction and management consultant Javier Zurita
On tour production Jaume Nieto
Booking and tours Imaginart

format Theater show
Recommended ages from 6 months to 5 years old
Audience disposal frontal
Running time 35'
Booking & tours jaume.nieto@imagin.art