Tro. Busca tro. I qui tro, busca qui. I qui. I qui bus. I qui busca… troba.

A circular and empty space. A body, a microphone, six speakers and twenty-four lights star in this contemporary circus show. Through the gesture and sound, seeing and touching, the public is invited to participate in this journey full of acrobatics, humor, play, light and music. … And the ideas fly they want is a fresh spectacle where few objects are very heavy and small actions grow to become intense, fun and full of complicity to take off with the public. Animal Religion works to innovate the circus and seek new means of expression. From the beginning of his creations shares a space where light, body and sound or music emerge simultaneously creating an identity of their own.

Authorship Quim Girón, Joana Serra and Joan Cot
Music and sound atmosphere Joan Cot Ros
Lightning space and design Joana Serra
Performer and movement Quim Girón
Administrative production El Climamola
Touring production and management Jaume Nieto
In co-production with El més petit / LaSala and Mercat de les Flors
Supported by Departament de Cultura - Generalitat de Catalunya
Recommended show at Cuaderno de espectáculos recomendados de La Red Included at Circuito Danza a Escena 2021 (Spain)

format Show for theatres and auditorium (circular space with audience on stage)
Recommended ages from 2 years old
Audience capacity 120 people (general audience) / 80 people (scholar shows)
Running time 30 minutes
Touring production and management

"Animal religion is a blessing for the circus and dance sector in Catalonia. Because, although they are already adding trajectory, they are still as fresh and with a look as uncomplicated as the first one. And it is a look that connects, now we have been able to check it with a very wide audience."
Jordi Bordes (